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Why did I become a Celebrant?


They say that the number one fear that people have in life is not as you would imagine something like sickness or death but is in fact, public speaking. I have never had a problem with public speaking, actually, I really enjoy it. I have always been able to command a room of people even from a very early age I loved to entertain.  I really love entertaining of any type and love to organise and host parties and events for friends and family. I find that creatively I am very good at putting an occasion together.

All of the above help with the job but truthfully this is not why I became a celebrant, it is because I am in love with love!  I have been happily married for 29 years. When Paul and I tied the knot, we would have liked nothing better than a bespoke, personal and warm celebratory ceremony which would have been virtually unheard of at that time in Ireland.  I now want to help other couples like ourselves to shape their happy day in the unique and personal way that we would have wished for.  Just the thought of bringing two people together to experience what I have experienced all my life is exhilarating. The joining together of a couple who understand what love is all about. I thought it would be just about joyous occasions, but I also find myself drawn to funeral celebrancy and the rituals of celebrating a life well lived and giving comfort to those who are grieving. I love a good story be it happy or sad every story should be told.  To craft and tell a story in an engaging manner is a skill that I have in abundance. I find myself elated each time I deliver the story of someone’s love, life or loss.

Each of us is an individual with our own personalities and quirks. If you are fortunate enough to meet another person whose quirks fit just right with yours then that is something to be celebrated. As   Angelita Lim once said “I saw that you were perfect, and I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect, and I loved you even more”. Everybodys life is different, and everyone takes a different path so each celebration in life or death should be solely about the individual. We all add a colour and personal essence to the world and our choice of how we celebrate or indeed do not celebrate is a testament to who we are as individuals. I want to share in this journey with the people that I meet along my path as a celebrant.

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