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Choosing a celebrant and what you should look for.

Choosing a celebrant can be something of a conundrum if you don’t know what or who you are looking for. There are many reasons why you would choose a celebrant. The services of a celebrant in the most part is for positive and happy reasons such as a wedding, commitment ceremony, vow renewal or naming ceremony. But in the case of funeral celebrancy, for instance, the occasion requires the services of a certain type of empathetic and warm celebrant who can deliver the beautiful ceremony you want but simply could not face delivering yourself at such a tragic time in your life. So, it is vitally important that you spend time thinking what it is that you want from your ceremony, choose the celebrant that you feel can bring this and more. Remember that the choice of celebrant sets the tone for the whole occasion and a wrong choice will lead to a lack lustre ceremony.

It is as we know, an exciting and sometimes tragic new world we live in. This excitement and tragedy raises many important life threatening and life changing issues, which each individual member of our world will encounter on many different scales and levels at different stage of their lives.  However, we cannot let ourselves be bogged down in the mundane and let life’s traumas define us.  Life for most people is just a series of very simple and sometimes rather boring steps taking us on our path from cradle to grave.

One of our ways of combating the drudgery of life is celebration. It is human nature to want to lift the spirits and slightly stray from the path by celebrating milestones in our sometimes colourless lives. The changes in how we now celebrate these milestones in our modern and more open society is heart-warming. The break away from the ceremonies of old where people were tied to particular rituals and a set formula of marking an occasion rather than celebrating it is a revelation. In our new more secular society the sky is the limit, we can celebrate our weddings, commitment ceremonies, vow renewals, naming ceremonies and funerals in a way that suits our relationships, personalities and wishes. There are now choices in how we celebrate bringing colour, joy and happiness to those occasions on a whole new level.

The break from purely religious ceremonies is becoming more widespread on a daily basis. But even within this break from the religious, there are many different choices. There are Civil Registrars, Spiritualist, Humanist, Multifaith, Independent Professional Celebrants and other secular options available now that give each of us choices to suit what we want our celebrations and ceremonies to be. There is no longer a need to fit into a pre-set and antiquated formula, the choice is yours wherever you choose to sit. If you wish a quick purely legal ceremony with no personal connection the Civil Registrar is your best option.  You may choose to have no religious content at all, which will set you down the Humanist path. You may decide that the spirits around you are your guide, so the Spiritualist option is for you. Multifaith is the option for those who want a blend of religions or beliefs in their ceremony and whose needs would not be best served by one particular religious service. But if you are like a lot of people these days, not religious but feel that you don’t quite want to let that connection to something bigger diminish entirely the option for you is an Independent Professional Celebrant. Our ceremonies are light, bright, beautiful and bespoke. We craft the ceremony with you or your loved one’s story at the heart of it.  We are always aware that this story is already crafted by your life experiences and choices. We are honoured to develop your story and tell this story in a professional and eloquent manner. In my experience, all the ceremonies I have mentioned above are handled beautifully by a well-trained Independent Professional Celebrant. We know that the delivery of your ceremony in a loving and warm manner is of paramount importance to the occasion, we have no restrictions to content, time or place it’s just all about you and your ceremony.

So, if you are intending to hire a celebrant for your chosen ceremony always explore the options decide what it is that you really want and choose from the heart, this will ensure that you get the celebration you are truly looking for and will be creating a moment in your life that you will cherish forever.

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