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It’s YOUR wedding day, do what you really want!


It is the day that you have chosen to declare your commitment and eternal love for the person of your dreams. The day that you shout out to the world that you are giving yourself completely and unconditionally to this one person.  What is the most important part of that day? What is it that you want to be your resounding memory of that day?

For everyone the journey towards declaring their love is different, everyone’s path is unique, and everyone’s expectations and needs are personal to them. For some people, it is a day where everything is big, the dress, the venue, the cake, the guest list. They know that they will only do this once and they want it to be the biggest and best experience of their lives. They want to be surrounded by family, friends, work colleagues and neighbours. For some, it is a medium sized affair in a boutique hotel surrounded by those who have played a big part in their lives to date.  For others, it is a small affair, maybe in their house or somewhere that means a lot to their family and them as a couple. But for others, it may be just about the two of them declaring their love for each other on a beach, in a wood or on a cliff and they don’t need anyone else to be present as the day is intimate and only for them.

All of these celebrations will be spectacular to everyone involved whichever type they choose but the common denominator in all of them is that they require a ceremony.  The vows to each other and the giving and receiving of rings is the most important part of the day for any couple. It is not about making it legal with boring paperwork, no one remembers that. It is about a marriage ceremony! The marrying together of two people and two families.   This is, after all, the reason that everyone is there and what the gathering is ultimately all about.   The ceremony is the most meaningful part of the day and the rest is just how you choose to celebrate after what should be a joyous, unique and poignant ceremony.

The entire day requires planning and thought, but the ceremony requires a giving of oneself and reflects the whole journey through life together. It should be about the couple’s thoughts, wishes and beliefs and not those of the person delivering the ceremony.  It will be what they want to say about their life and love, beautifully crafted and delivered through the voice of another. The most important people in the room are the couple and their unique and personal story will resonate through the whole day.  Everyone going to a wedding remembers the ceremony, the food, the fun and the laughter. No one remembers if you have signed your piece of paper that day or the day before or after. Don’t let red tape dictate your day, go out and reach for the ceremony and the wedding of your dreams.

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